Nevsky Capital

The Nevsky Eastern European Fund continues to focus on a range of investments in companies based in the key states of Eastern Europe.

Martin Taylor Nevsky

So what does the future hold for the fund? That’s clearly something that’s of interest to visitors and that many analysts will be looking to consider. This blog largely focuses on the historic performance of this Nevsky Capital fund, but it’s certainly believed that the factsheet information that is displayed here can also give an insight into the future.

By studying past performance, it’s obviously possible to get an indication of the investments that are made and the approach that the fund managers make to such investments. Is it possible to predict future performance, based on this evidence?

Making such claims would appear to be a step too far. Past performance is exacty that: it relates to the past. It doesn’t necessarily paint a picture of what the future has in store.

Without the benefit of a crystal ball, however, it’s impossible to know what the future may hold for businesses in Russia, the Czech Republic, or elsewhere in Europe. When investing in a fund, we are all essentially relying on the knowledge of the fund managers to get us the results that we require.

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