Sources of financial news

Most investors want to have reliable, regularly updated sources of information. When considering investing in global markets, it’s not always easy to get access to such information.

There are certainly plenty of websites based in the UK and the US that can come to the rescue. In some cases, it’s necessary to pay a subscription in order to get access to them. Here, we take a look at some popular choices.

Financial News

This is an online publication that offers a reasonable depth of information, although it may not be suited to absolute beginners in the world of investments.

Key topics covered on a regular basis include asset management, investment banking, private equity, trading and technology.

There are also regular special reports, often including interviews with leading names in the world of finance.

BBC Business

As might be expected, the BBC Business website offers good quality explanations of the latest stories, although may sometimes lack the depth of specialist publications.

The large team of journalists available to the BBC does mean, however, that there is good coverage of most financial topics.


A key source of information for many, offering quick responses to the latest news stories. As with BBC coverage, investors may feel that there is a lack of depth when dealing with some issues. That’s to be expected, given that the news organisations are often attempting to cover a broad range of subjects.

Reuters news feeds are also used by a number of other organisations. Even if you don’t visit the Reuters website on a regular basis, this means that it’s likely that you will be exposed to their journalism.

The Economist

For those familiar with the print version of this magazine, The Economist online provides the same high quality reporting and insight.

This is, however, provided on a subscription-only basis. At the present time of writing, an introductory offer means that it’s possible to subscribe at a rate of £1 per week.

Financial Times

Content at the website is also hidden behind a paywall, meaning that you’ll need to pay for access, in order to take a closer look at the stories that are listed online.

A premium subscription is currently priced at £6.79 per week, allowing unlimited access to the website, via desktop, mobile and tablet devices. You will also receive an exclusive letter from the editor, together with ePaper access.

With slightly less features available to you, the standard subscription (currently priced at £5.19 per week) is a cheaper option.

When it comes to investments, it’s important to have information at your finger-tips. With enough knowledge in place, you’ll be in a good position to make better investment decisions.

But how reliable is the information that you currently have? Could it be the right time to seek out alternative sources of information?

Martin Taylor of Nevsky Capital

Martin Taylor is one of the Fund Managers, helping to keep the Eastern European Fund on track. As can be seen, from the reports that we reproduce and analyse here at Nevsky Capital News, any fund can see increases and decreases in value.

To a certain extent, it can be said that the success or failure of any Fund Manager will be defined by the ability to out-perform direct competitors. Although the overall value may rise or fall, depending upon the performance of specific businesses, sectors and broader market sentiments, the key is to provide better returns than the alternatives.

When the overall value is falling, does it fall at a slower rate than competitors? That’s something that we are continually looking to observe. The same can be said to be true when thinking about rising prices: are things better than others? Or is a fund simply seeming to perform well due to a wider rise in stock market positioning. Is there, in other words, the opportunity to actually make more by investing elsewhere?

As might be expected, our own reports and reviews seek to answer such questions. It’s likely that you’ll have your own views here too.

Martin Taylor Photographs

Martin Taylor of Nevsky


Martin Taylor


Martin Taylor of Nevsky adjusts his tie

About Martin Taylor

The establishment of the Eastern European Fund has seen Martin oversee investments in a range of countries in central and Eastern Europe. Such investments, as carried out on behalf of Nevsky Capital, would clearly not be possible without a considerable degree of knowledge.

As with any investment fund, there’s a reliance on a dedicated team of analysts and specialists. There’s a need to understand what is going on within specific countries, industries and companies.

If a changing politicial environment within Russia, to take one example. means that opportunities are emerging there, then it’s clear that there are advantages associated with understanding that situation and seeking to move quickly. As with so much, it’s all about competitive advantages.

The ability to make the first move can often ensure better returns for investors. It can also be seen that this works in reverse, with the requirement to act quickly in order to reduce some holdings. This may come about as a result of changes within an individual industry.

Predicting such changes would simply not be possible, without having the dedicated team of experts that are available to Martin. As a result of this association, the Eastern European Fund undoubtedly aims to make investments that are sensible and should be cost-effective over time.

Here at Nevsky Capital News, we see part of our role as being to identify how well the fund is performing and also to bring you the critical facts. We follow up on releases and look to answer questions that you may have.

When you are pondering investment decisions, it’s clear that there is a necessity for you to carry out your research. When large sums of money are involved, you may (quite rightly) feel that there is little scope for error. With this background in mind, it’s so important that you should have the opportunity to review as much information as is feasible and possible at any point in time.